Who We Are

The Northern Bucks Wildland Fire Crew (NBWFC) was established in 2003 as a wildland fire support crew. The crew was started by Greg Reese and Mike Guarino, two men with a vision of putting together a highly qualified wildland fire crew comprised of individuals looking for a chance to protect state forests and property while bettering themselves as wildland firefighters. After much hard work, in March of 2009 NBWFC became a recognized support crew for the state of Pennsylvania.

Currently, NBWFC is comprised of over 30 men and women from the South Eastern region of Pennsylvania. The crew is based in Quakertown, PA, which is located in William Penn Forest District 17 and covers over 9 counties in the southeast region.  It operates as Crew 907, and over 50% of the crew is red carded and certified to go out of state on wildland fires. The crew members have many different specialties and skills – from crew/squad bosses to fire wardens, sawyers, emergency medical technicians and “ground pounders”. The crew is able to operate anywhere in the state of Pennsylvania.


The Northern Bucks Wildland Fire Crew, Inc. (NBWFC) is a volunteer not for profit organization established under PA DCNR Bureau of Forestry (BOF) to provide both mutual aid & rapid mobilization for response to any natural or man-made disasters, such as wildland fire emergencies. NBWFC, Inc. will provide its services for fire suppression, fire prevention, fuels hazard mitigation, identification of potential wildland urban interface hazards, and mobilization to any all-hazards assignments that may be encountered within our area of response.

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