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Mount Penn / Pagoda Fire – 11.22.16 – 11.23.16 – Click for Photos

NBWFC was dispatched to a 2-day call-up for the Mount Penn / Pagoda fire above the city of Reading. Crews engaged in line construction, wet and dry mop up, saw work and burnout operations until containment was achieved.

Cresco Complex 16 Mile Fire – 4.20.16 – 4.25.16 – Click for Photos

NBWFC Was dispatched to one of the largest fires in PA state history – the Cresco Complex and 16 Mile fire. The Crew worked for 6 days to contain the blaze, which ended up burning over 8,000 acres and costing the state 4 million dollars.

Hopewell Fire #2 – 4.1.16 – 4.2.16 – Click for Photos

NBWFC was dispatched on April 1st of 2016 to a 20 acre blaze that had the possibility to repeat itself all over again.  In 2014, at the same location, the crew fought a 750 acre fire that lasted roughly 5 days. It was one of the largest fires the crew had engaged on at that point. The “Hopewell 2″ 2016 fire was the crew’s first fire for the season. Although only 20 acres, it was a two day assignment which saw the team tasked with a lot of saw work and mop up.  NBWFC responded 15 strong to assist William Penn Forest District.

Jacobsburg State Park Prescribed Burn, March 2016 – Click for Photos

Jacobsburg state park had a scheduled RX-burn that took place in March.  NBWFC was asked to help the district with a 30 acre warm season grass burn.  Engine 907 along with 12 crew members assisted in the burn.  The crew members assisted with ignitions and holding.  This is the third burn the crew has assisted the state with in the past two years.  It’s a great way for crew members to participate in an offensive mode instead of a defensive mode.

Jack Frost Mountain fire – 5.3.15 – 5.5.15 – Click for Photos

On Sunday, 5/3/15, NBWFC was dispatched to assist on a fire on Jack Frost Mountain in Carbon County, PA. Initially sized at 30 acres, the blaze grew to 165 acres on the first day before ultimately spreading to over 600 acres. Northern Bucks spent two overnights on the mountain with Engine 907 and Trailer 907. NBWFC worked with other crews and performed direct attack, saw operations, burnout operations, patrolled fire line and extinguished hot spots with wet and dry mop up.


Lower Saucon Twp & Blue Mountain fires – 4.18.15 – Click for Photos

On 4.18.15, NBWFC was dispatched to assist on a wildfire in Lower Saucon Township township, Northampton  County. The crew arrived and assisted DCNR for over 3 hours, doing extensive mop up and saw operations.

Soon after, the crew was dispatched to assist on a fire on the Blue Mountain which had grown to hundreds of acres. The crew arrived around 2100hrs and worked throughout the night, coordinating with multiple resources, cutting hot line and assisting DCNR with size up and achievement of tactical objectives. After spending all night on the mountain, the crew was released by command at 0500hrs the following morning.


Hanover Township & Blue Mountain fires – 4.6.15 – Click for Photos

On 4.6.15, NBWFC was dispatched to assist on two wildfires in district 17. The first was a 7 acre blaze in Hanover Township, Montgomery county. The crew arrived 15 strong and assisted local resources patrolling fire line, felling trees with two sawyer teams and mopping up.

The crew was soon redirected from the Hanover fire to a 25-30 acre blaze on the top of the Blue Mountain in the Lehigh Valley. There, members patrolled the fireline from 1700hrs until 0500hrs the next morning. The crew made certain the fire remained under control by locating and extinguishing hot spots with patrols throughout the night.


Hopewell Fire – Click for Photos

The Hopewell Fire occurred in spring 2012 and was located next to the Hopewell Furnace National Park (French Creek State Park). The total size of the fire was approximately 741 acres. This fire turned out to be one of the costliest fires in Pennsylvania state history.

In all, NBWFC had roughly 30 crew members respond to the fire. The crews logged a total of about 550 man hours while working to battle the blaze, including 10 hours of pump time for Engine 907.  Crew members spent several nights and days over a week with numerous other local fire companies to help contain and extinguish the blaze.


Goose Pond Fire – Click for Photos

The Goose Pond Fire occurred in 2008 in Pike County, Pennsylvania. It was approximately 500 acres in size. Members of NBWFC traveled north, where they met up with several members from Germansville. The crews combined and traveled to the fire together.

During the fire the crew hiked roughly a mile and a half through rough terrain and proceeded to cut a line on the southeast flank of the fire. While out on the fire line, crews encountered several spot fires and also performed back-burning operations well into the night. The crews encountered flames up to twenty-five feet in length during their operations. The fire was eventually contained and extinguished, and the crew returned home safely around 2300hrs.


September 2012 Controlled Burn/Drill – Click for Photos

In early September 2012, NBWFC participated in a controlled burn drill session. A large brush pile that had been cut and gathered was burned off by members – the engine was on hand and pumped for a few hours and members worked on hose line deployment and drip-torch use.


Lower Saucon Valley Fire – Click for photos

NBWFC was called to a fire which had broken out in Lower Saucon Valley, PA, in Northampton County. It was roughly a 10 acre fire caused by a downed power line on a hillside overlooking the Lehigh Canal. NBWFC responded with a crew of about 8 members, and worked with local resources to help contain and extinguish the blaze by cutting fire line and working with dozers to improve dozer lines. The crew also engaged in saw operations and dug a cup trench on the hillside until they could continue no further due to steep grades.



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